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Google Sniper ®,
Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We have purchased continue to use the Google Sniper 2.0 system.   We are independently owned and the opinions expressed in this Google Sniper Review are our own.
All You Need To Do Is Follow Our Step By Step Google Sniping Process! 

Google Sniper 2.0 is not a get rich scheme; it's a legitimate marketing strategy  for creating websites that earn money. It takes work but... 

It's not hard, and you can learn the whole process and create your first website in just a day or two. 

That's what we did, we bought the program and now we're earning money on websites that we own. 

You can too; all you need to do is follow system and you'll be able to have your own websites up and earning money in no time.  It's really is easy and you can do it! 

Our Story - Finally, after looking for over 2 years we found  a legitimate and easy way to make some extra money from home. We have tried lots of different programs and have spent an embarassing amount of money trying to learn how to make money online. 

The google sniper program was different it and turned out to be exactly the type of program we wanted, it wasn't perfect but it provided the foundation we needed so that we could start earning some real money.  It taught us some valuable skills and provided us with a blueprint for creating money making websites. The one time fee was worth the investment and we refer to the training manual almost every day. (Read Our Google Sniper Review For More Information)

It didn't take long for us to create a few small google sniper websites and get them ranked on google, since then we've started making money and we don't pay for advertising. It's been exciting, and we thought that we should let you know that the system worked so you can can earn some money online too. Our goal for this website is to provide you with information about internet marketing that will help you earn money online with your own websites. The information we provide will help you to be more successful with the google sniper system all you need to do is follow the simple step by step process that we created, we know that it will work for you.  

Step 1 - Learn - What Is Google Sniper

Learn About The Google Sniper Marketing Strategy

You Get To Visit Some Live Sniper Sites 
  • You get to see real websites that use sniper strategies to get free traffic! 
  • You will learn how to identify sniper sites and how they can help you earn money.  
  • Save at leat 3 websites that you like in your favorites folder for future reference, you're going to use them as a template for your own sites.

Once you pick a great product and do some keyword research, you just follow the google sniping process to create your own website.  If it's done right, it will get traffic and earn you lots of money. 

Step 2 - Find Products To Market
  • Rule # 1 - Don't Promote Junk!  
  • Rule #2 - Don't Promote Junk!
  • Rule #3 - Don't Promote Junk 

It's That Easy !  Think about it this way, if you wouldn't reccomend it to your mother or your best friend, then forget it and move on. 

There are thousands of great products you can promote just follow our instructions and you will be able to find tons of great products.  It's easy, fun and will be worth the effort.  Just take your time and do some research and and pick a few great products that you would like to be associated with, remember to stick with quality.  You want to be proud of your site and the products you promote. 

Here's Your Plan For Earning Money With Google Sniper - All you need to do is follow the process, if you do, you will be able to create your own money makeing websites and earn as much money as you want. 
It was easy!  

After we bought the google sniper system we did some research to see if we could identify sites on page 1 of google that were using the same strategies.  The results were amazing!

We found sniper sites for almost every product we tested, all on page 1 of Google which means they were exposed to about 90% of the traffic for the target  keyword and should be making some great money.  

You can see some of the sites we found on our What is Google Sniper page.     

This is one of the first google sniper sites we created, it took us about 3 days to complete and it hasn't been fully optimized, but it still is ranks on page 1 & 2 of google for some of our targeted keywords, Once we complete inplementing the "Website Markting Strategythis is going to be a great site and one that we expect will generate solid commissions for a long time. 

Hosted By - Blue Host which provides domain hosting for around $10.00 per year.  They also provide free website builders was built with wordpress.  
Here are a two examples of websites we created utilizing the google sniping strategies,   These were easy sites to create and although they are relatively new, they still rank well on google, bing and yahoo for our targeted keywords.  You can create a money making website within a few hours and have similiar results as long as you follow the step by step process found in the Google Sniper 2.0 training manual.  
We built this site by following the exact process outlined in the  google sniper training manual, it ranks #1 on google and is on page # 1 of bing and yahoo for our primary keyword " ideas for woodworking projects

This site took several hours to build the foundation ad then we added some additional content over the next few days, once it was ranked, we added our affilite links. Once we will be adding additional content and following a "Web Site Marketing Strategy to drive more traffic and increase affiliate commissions. 

Website hosted by : Blue Host which provides domain hosting for around $10.00 per year.  They also provide free website builders, IdeasForWoodworkingProjects was  built with wordpress.  
Ideas For Woodworking Projects
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Step 3 - Pick Your Website Marketing Strategy

This is one of the most important steps in your websites development. 
You need to 
  • Define your website's goals 
  • Identify your audience
  • Do keyword research 
  • Create a site map
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Define your sales funnell 
  • Create your monetization plan

Once you take care of these 7 critical steps in the planning process, you are half way to being successful, all you need to do after this is implement your plan.  It won't take long before you begin making some decent money. 

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How do we know Google Sniping works?  

We learned that that there are thousands and possibly millions of sites out there using some type of google sniping strategy to drive traffic and generate sales.  

We decided to create a few of our own google sniper sites to see how well the system worked.  

We had fun, we got ranked quickly and we made some easy sales by following the step by step system

We were impressed, the google sniper system worked, but we felt there were some things missing and that we could provide additional value to anyone interested in learning about google sniping.

Specifically, we think google sniper does a good job of explaining the google sniper marketing strategy, but it falls short when it comes to showing examples of google sniper sites, helping you to locate affiliate products and understanding how to build great websites that develop long term relationships that result in loyal customers and repeat sales.  

So, we decided to create to help you make money online from home by showing you how to combine the Google Sniper System with other internet marketing strategies so you can earn more money.  

Do You Want To Earn Money Online?
Then learn about Google Sniping and how to make money with your own websites.  
Step 4 - Build Your Own Website

Once you have created a plan for your money creating website, you need to build it.  There are lots of  great options available to you, and finding the right one for your needs can be confusing.  So we provide you with some personal insight about some of the website builders we have used including... 

  • Word Press 
  • Site Builder
  • Intuit 
  • 1 & 1
  • Weebly 
  • Squido 

Getting the right website builder is important, but it's not critical, if you don't like the first one you try, just try another one until you get the right fit. 

Step 5 - Get Traffic 

If you want to earn money online with a website, you need to have traffic! 

Understanding what drives traffic and how to create websites that will attract the right visitors is crucial.  To do this you need to have a gameplan, our step by step traffic building system will help you get lots of FREE Traffic 

Step 5 - Build Trust -Strong Relationships and A Reliable Income - Use Email Marketing

This is what it's all about, you need to develop relationships with your visitors, earn their trust and provide them with real value.  If you do that you will earn more money than you can ever imagine.  Here's how...
  • Get Real Traffic that Needs Or Wants Your Service or Product
  • Capture Potential Customers 
  • Deliver More Than You Ask 

It's Easy!